the cut garden dress

classic. heirloom. vintage.


endless options
you be the designer
let your creativity flow

hand embroidery

appliqué fabric

fully lined

18 inch doll

lace and bead 

  • printed on tissue paper 

  • sizes 1-4 & 18 inch doll

  • full 360° circle skirt 

  • detailed step-by-step video instruction

  • custom, expanding envelope to store your pattern 

  • individual pattern pieces (not nested - no tracing required!)

  • embroidery designs printed directly on the pattern pieces

  • supporting diagrams and documents

  • customer support - I am here for you!

the cut garden construction video

detailed step-by-step video instruction

no paywall. watch before you buy.

introduction to the cut garden pattern

this video lays out what you're purchasing and how this pattern is quite different from anything previous (large, expanding envelope, etc).

bodice overlay embellishment inspiration

discover some of the various paths you can take to embellish the bodice overlay - get inspired to let your creativity flow!

pattern layout

yes, the pattern includes a diagram on how to layout your fabric, but here's a video in case you prefer that format :-) 

the relaxation of a circle skirt

let's discuss the pros and cons of letting your skirt circle relax. yes, letting it relax is "proper," but as a busy mama, I skip such acts and am giving you permission to as well! 

start your own cut garden dress creation

tissue pattern in custom envelope
sizes 1-4 & 18 inch doll
pdf download, all sizes
8.5x11 inch sheets as well as A0
pdf download, 18 inch doll only
8.5x11 inch sheets as well as A0
pdf download
accompany embroidery motifs