if you can sew a pillow case and want to learn heirloom sewing,
this kit is for you. 

after completing this kit, you'll be able to make the vast majority of heirloom and classic patterns by applying the concepts learned here. 

...just to name a few concepts and techniques covered!

what's included in the kit?

  • baby layette pattern printed on tissue paper

  • heirloom reference booklet 

  • four complete garments packaged neatly into individual bundles

  • heirloom machine needles

  • variety of fibers to discover: floche, coton a broder, pearl cotton, and silk floss

  • heirloom notions as well as general handy sewing notions and tools

basically, you need a sewing machine, iron, and fabric scissors.
we'll deliver the rest free via UPS/FedEx usa.

yes, international shipping is available too, 

although it might be a different carrier depending on your location.

and at a discount off retail value 😍

  • printed on tissue

  • lots of included embroidery motifs to expand on 

  • includes accessories like a slip and bonnets

this booklet covers a multitude of information and is written for the absolute beginner - you!

some topics include: demystifying heirloom fabric, supplies, and lace types; smocking stitches technique including my comprehensive ratio guide; dmc colors for baby heirloom garments; long-term storage and best stain removal products, laundering help... and so much more!

four individually packaged kits leading to four complete heirloom gowns

gown #1
simplest garment 
in the pattern


white imperial batiste

gown #2
intro to general construction
basic hand embroidery


white imperial batiste + floche

gown #3
introduction to pleating

geometric smocking


pink imperial batiste + pearl cotton

gown #4

more advanced construction
lace techniques


blue satin batiste + coton a broder

discover some delicious fibers while you're learning

four colors of floche, pearl cotton size 12 in blanc, two colors of coton a broder

up-close shots 

watch before you buy

see the step-by-step format with all the detailed shots and explanations


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