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every girl deserves to feel like this! 🥰

get motivated to finish sewing your own works in progresses through watching this video! I take you through pick up where I left off on this blue bird project, finishing the hand embroidery, making some tatted lace with beads, and completing smocking for this fun, whimsical dress that left my little girl feeling so happy!

can you combine dr seuss with heirloom sewing? 🧐😳

such a fun, whimsical design! come join in the adventure as I take heirloom sewing with a dr seuss twist. get inspired and motivated for your own sewing projects 🥳❤️

wow!! from PINTEREST photo to sewing reality! 😳

come join me and get motivated to finish your own works in progresses 😘

after putting this aside years ago to focus on life (babies, multiple moves across a number of states, several businesses, etc.), I'm finally finishing this sweet project!

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interested in heirloom and classic sewing for your little ones? start your journey today. beautiful heirloom garments can be achieved at any stage in life, even with little ones climbing all over you. and you don’t need 50 years of experience to create a treasure for your family.

I strongly believe that one should indulge in hobbies because of the joy acquired, and sewing should be no exception. Sew because you love it, not because of societal pressure. find the humor in the mistakes, and focus on the happiness gained from creating a beautiful garment with your own hands.

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