start sewing your legacy today

sharing my passion for heirloom and classic sewing

welcome to easter 2022

I'm sharing all the behind the scenes details this year with my easter sewing. come enjoy the heirloom styles as they shine this spring time.

watch the videos on the youtubes as I share how I select materials online, share my easter fabric haul, and weekly progress. come join the fun!

begin sewing your legacy today.

interested in heirloom and classic sewing for your little ones? start your journey today. beautiful heirloom garments can be achieved at any stage in life, even with little ones climbing all over you. and you don’t need 50 years of experience to create a treasure for your family.

I strongly believe that one should indulge in hobbies because of the joy acquired, and sewing should be no exception. Sew because you love it, not because of societal pressure. find the humor in the mistakes, and focus on the happiness gained from creating a beautiful garment with your own hands.