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introducing the hydrangea line!

four mini braids and one six-wide option so you can embroider a wide range of hydrangeas!

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sewing gem! you gotta see the front of this dress!! ✨

such a fun, inspiring make! I took some left over lace fabric, painted it, and then turned it into this delightful dress for my oldest daughter... topped off with swarovski crystals! she loved it! 😍✨

busy mama’s easy TWO-STEP method to heirloom sewing!

discover my secrets to maximizing sewing time while keep the process fun and enjoyable! you'll be amazed at how much you can get done (while feeling peaceful!) by following these simple steps 💪❤️

sew this EASY nightgown... no pattern needed!! 🙌🥳

such an easy make, learn how to sew this dreamy summer night gown without the need for a pattern. my daughter has been wearing this nightgown for about a year now and loves it!

begin sewing your legacy today.

interested in heirloom and classic sewing for your little ones? start your journey today. beautiful heirloom garments can be achieved at any stage in life, even with little ones climbing all over you. and you don’t need 50 years of experience to create a treasure for your family.

I strongly believe that one should indulge in hobbies because of the joy acquired, and sewing should be no exception. Sew because you love it, not because of societal pressure. find the humor in the mistakes, and focus on the happiness gained from creating a beautiful garment with your own hands.

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