introducing the mini heirloom starter kit

the best way to learn heirloom sewing for under $100... shipped to you! along with free video tutorials to support. 

what's included in the kit?

  • pattern printed on tissue paper

  • heirloom reference booklet

  • satin batiste fabric (enough for gown and one bonnet)

  • machine needle

  • hand embroidery/smocking needle

  • machine sewing thread

  • 6" wooden embroidery hoop

  • frixion heat-activated pen

  • tiny safety pin

  • sewing tape measure

  • seam ripper

  • glass head pins

  • magnetic pin holder

  • french lace 

  • baby entredeux

  • stitch in the ditch sample
  • mother of pearl buttons

  • a bundle of floche ecru fiber

  • 1/4" wide ecru ribbon

  • 1/8" wide elastic

  • freezer paper sample

learn many of the 

sought-after heirloom techniques!

  • sew plain seams
  • sew french seams
  • gather fabric
  • put entredeux between seams
  • join lace to fabric
  • lace shaping
  • [optional] pleating for smocking with the printed on dots (yeah!!)
  • hand embroider stitches like stem/outline, french knots, and lazy daisies 
  • hand sewn buttonholes
  • continuous placket method
  • pleating by hand
  • smocking
  • basic hand embroidery
  • elastic casings
  • yoke ring method

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the mini heirloom starter kit 🌼

the mini heirloom 

starter kit tutorial video

watch it before you buy it! 🎉

supporting videos

construction of gown #2

construction of bonnet

how to smock 101

using freezer paper to block pleats

your fresh start to heirloom sewing is here. 

begin today.