• printed on tissue paper

  • 5 vintage diaper shirts

  • 2 bonnets, 2 bibs, and one diaper cover 

  • custom embroidery motifs included

  • step-by-step video tutorials
    (no written instructions) 
  • individual pattern pieces (not nested - no tracing required!)

  • custom, expanding envelope to store your pattern

  • customer support - I am here for you!

thanks to our exclusive design, you can actually get the pattern back in the envelope! 

each size printed on its own sheet without being nested - no more wasted time fishing around for pieces or having to trace!!

envelope snaps back to secure the pattern pieces inside

such fun, versatile designs! they're like the 

sugar cookies of baby sewing... 

endless embellishment options and so addicting! 

video tutorials

introduction to this pattern 

learn to sew this pattern

diaper covers + sweet accessories 

how does this fit your little one? 

there are five sizes included in this pattern: newborn, 3-6 months, 12-18 months, 24 months and the 18" doll. 

18" doll: I have several brands of 18 inch dolls (american girl doll, one from amazon, and a couple from walmart. I've created the pattern so it balances the fit across all brands. 

newborn: this will fit an average sized newborn, and by the time that sweet baby reaches an average size 3 month old, all the sizing will be too tight. it's crazy the amount of growth in those first three months. I also like to use sewing as a way to remaince on that tiny, newborn size. it serves as a keepsake to me. 

3-6 months + 12-18 months: at first glance, it may seem like the sizing around 9 months has been skipped over. if this was a garment with a crotch or a dress, I would agree with you. but in the case of diaper shirts for this age range, this isn't the case. this age range and the styles of these garments are really forgiving and overlap quite a bit. 

24 months: while this fits your average sized 24 month old, you're likely able to get away with putting these on a 3 year old, too. it's a similar situation to the 3-6/12-18 month as I just described - lots of overlapping with this style of garments at this age range. our daughter, daisy, was a little over 3 years old while modeling view 5 of this collection. sure, I would lower the hem a tad if I designed the next size up, but we're also splitting hairs here. I felt the pattern should end the size range at 24 months since they're diaper shirts. 

supporting videos

how to sew 

a french seam

laying out pattern pieces on your fabric

how to join 

lace to lace

how to join 

lace to fabric

how to join 

extredeux to fabric

how to hand 

sew a rolled hem

how to hand sew an embroidered edge