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sharing my passion for classic and heirloom sewing through my youtube channel

new to pleating and smocking? check out this video!

this video is attached to a playlist, so keep watching to dive deeper into the world of pleating for smocking.
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cissy from the wink and a nod pattern line

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old fashioned baby t-yoke

join me with this sew along. so sweet and beautiful, perfect for that precious baby in your life

heirloom sewing techniques

check out these heirloom sewing techniques that serve as building blocks for sewing any heirloom garment.

delicious shadow work embroidery

this dress is covered in shadow work embroidery using floche. seriously, I had so much fun pouring myself into it. this dress uses this lovely graceful voile which is divine to stitch through. it's therapy for your creative soul.
pdf antique shadow embroidery work (bodice only)
You'll receive an instant download of a vector-driven pdf for this hand embroidered file (bodice only). There are no embroidery stitches instructions, just the motif. You can embroider it using many techniques and a tutorial on how to apply shadow work embroidery can be found here:
pdf antique shadow work embroidery (skirt only)
You'll receive an instant download for this vector-driven PDF with this skirt embroidery pattern (skirt only, bodice is another file). It contains 10 pages (5 pages for the left side of the skirt and those 5 pages inverted for the right side of the skirt). A video explanation for this file can be found here (including how to arrange the motif on your skirt as well as how to stitch the embroidery work) - check out this playlist: